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A Better Way To Own a Vacation Home.
Now Available in Michigan.

Product name

Luxury Vacation Homes.

One of a kind vacation homes for 1/8th the price and with none of the hassle.  MyVilla are premium vacation properties that are owned by up to 8 co-owners. This allows you all the advantages of vacation home ownership without any of the management or maintenance of the property. This is true ownership. So you benefit from all the appreciation of the property and if you wish to sell your share in the future. 

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Spring Lake

$397,723 (ESTIMATED)
4 Beds | 4 Baths | 5,344 sqft (on 0.34 acres)

Boyne City

$206,293 (ESTIMATED)
6 Beds | 4.5 Baths | 3,898 sqft (on 4.7 acres)

West Grand Traverse Bay

$455,365 (ESTIMATED)

5 Beds | 5.5+ Baths | 6 sqft (on acres)

Lake Charlevoix

$220,526 (ESTIMATED)
3 Beds | 4 Baths | 2,915 sqft


Torch Lake

$417,649 (ESTIMATED)

4 Beds | 4.5 Baths |  sqft (on acres)

Susan Lake

$355,736 (ESTIMATED)

4 Beds | 4.5 Baths |  sqft (on acres)

West Grand Traverse Bay

$455,365 (ESTIMATED)

5 Beds | 5.5+ Baths | 6 sqft (on acres)

Lake Charlevoix

$220,526 (ESTIMATED)
3 Beds | 4 Baths | 2,915 sqft

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Putting Vacation Homes Within Reach

Making the dream of 2nd home ownership a reality for more. 


Own a luxury vacation property for 1/8th the cost and only pay for your portion of the operating expenses. 

Pay For What
You Use

Most people only use their vacation home 4-6 weeks a year. Now you can save money by only paying for the time you actually use. 

Maintenance Free

Lawn care, snow plowing, cleaning, maintenance, and management are a hassle. We take care of it so you can enjoy a peaceful vacation without any hassles.

How Does MyVilla Work?
  1. We identify and purchase unique luxury second homes in residential areas within popular vacation destinations.
  2. We establish a unique LLC for each property and divide the ownership into equal shares.
  3. Prospective buyers can purchase a share of the property, typically between 1/8 and 1/2, depending on their needs and budget. Each owner is granted usage rights based on the number of shares they own.
  4. MyVilla handles all aspects of property management, including maintenance, repairs, and cleaning, allowing owners to enjoy their second home without worrying about day-to-day tasks.
  5. Owners can reserve time at their property using a scheduling system that fairly allocates usage among co-owners, considering factors such as peak and off-peak seasons and owners' preferences.
  6. When an owner decides to sell their share, we help facilitate the sale by listing the share for them, marketing the property, and providing a seamless resale process.

We believe that MyVilla is the future of vacation home ownership. We make it possible for people to own a second home without the financial burden and management responsibilities of sole ownership. 

Is this just a timeshare?

MyVilla sets itself apart from timeshares by providing actual ownership in exceptional, high-value residential real estate assets located in exclusive vacation destinations, rather than merely granting usage rights to hotel or resort properties. This unique feature makes MyVilla properties more valuable, and the appreciation benefits go directly to the MyVilla Property Owners. Unlike timeshares that often entail perpetual commitments, which can be both costly and difficult to exit, MyVilla offers flexibility and ease of ownership transfer by assisting share owners with the sale of their share, should they ever wish to do so.

Do I genuinely have ownership in the home?
Absolutely. When you invest in a MyVilla home, you acquire legitimate ownership of the property. Your purchase entitles you to a share in a property-specific LLC, providing you with tangible real estate ownership. Our homes are expertly managed and designed exclusively for co-ownership.
Does this operate like a typical real estate transaction?

Yes, indeed. The legal procedures and closing process mirror those of a traditional home purchase. We collaborate with local real estate agents and provide compensation in the form of buyer's agent commissions.

What monthly expenses will I be responsible for as a MyVilla owner?

As a MyVilla owner, you will be responsible for monthly home operating costs, including property management, maintenance, taxes, and repairs. These costs are passed on to owners transparently, with no additional markup. The expenses are shared proportionally among the owners based on their ownership share. In addition to the shared operating costs, owners pay a $99 monthly fee. This fee covers LLC oversight, continuous owner support, and the technology enhancements that enhance your overall owner experience.

Are owners allowed to rent out their time on Airbnb or similar platforms?

No, owners are not allowed to rent out or offer their time for rent on vacation rental sites or other public rental listing services. As part of the MyVilla ownership agreement, all guests must be registered and have the MyVilla app installed on their phone in order to access the home.

Does MyVilla directly manage each home?

Yes, MyVilla manages both the LLC and the property itself. In certain markets, we also collaborate with trusted local third-party property managers on behalf of the owners. By working with these established partners, we have implemented a technology-enabled feedback loop that facilitates seamless communication between owners and property managers, ensuring streamlined operations and exceptional service quality.

What happens if one of my co-owners misses a payment or falls behind on their bills?

Rest assured, you are protected. As the manager of your home's LLC, MyVilla takes on the financial responsibility in the event that an owner defaults on payments. This is one of the advantages of our ownership program, providing you with peace of mind.

"This is exactly the service I've always wanted. I wanted a second home but I didn't want the hassle of maintaining it year round when I only planned to use it 1 month a year. I get all the perks and none of the downsides."
Travis Stoliker Profile Picture from Catonnes wedding
Travis Stoliker, Co-Founder of MyVilla.

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